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When the chance to apply for an Ohio Medical Marajuania Grow License came along in 2015, corn and soybean farmer Chip Kepford searched the cannabis market for the nutrient line that he felt would be suitable for his cannabis crop.  He could not find anything that even compared to the high quality fertilizers that he was used to using on his crops.


After years of research, development and testing with the leading liquid fertilizer manufacturer in the U.S., in June 2018 Chip produced the first run of Cannabis Gold Premium Fertilizer.

The most complete nutrient package for cannabis

No need for “add-in” products. Canna-Gro Solutions 5-Product Line-up allows the plant to reach its FULL GENETIC POTENTIAL, compared to competitor product lines that require up to 23 products.

Nitrate Nitrogen0%

Cannabis Gold Premium Fertilizer’s 5 product line-up provides the plant with all the nutrients needed throughout the complete growth cycle.


Cannabis Gold Premium is 100% Nitrate Nitrogen, which is vital to the healthy growth and development of plants.

higher yields



our lineup

Cannabis Gold Premium Fertilizer 5 product line-up has been specifically formulated for the cannabis plant to provide you with the most COMPLETE line-up available on the market to date.

Higher Yields

Complete application cycle to stimulate plant health and growth

Forumulated for Cannabis

Specifically Formulated for Hyrdroponic and Soiless Grows

More Nutrients per Dollar

Simple, Complete 5-Product Line-up. No Add-Ins Needed


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