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How it all began

Canna-Gro Solutions was developed by an Ohio corn and soybean farmer, Chip Kepford. Chip has been farming for 40+ years.


After applying for an Ohio Medical Marijuana Grow License in 2015, Chip searched the cannabis market for a suitable nutrient product. He could not find anything that even compared to the high quality fertilizers he was using for his crops.

Cannabis Gold Premium Fertilizer

Seeing the demand for high quality fertilizers in the cannabis market, the idea for Canna-Gro Solutions sprouted in August, 2016.


After years of research and development along with the leading liquid fertilizer manufacturer in the United States and countless months of testing, Cannabis Gold Premium Fertilizer was formulated.

highest quality nutrient package


Cannabis Gold Premium Fertilizer has been specifically formulated for the cannabis plant to provide you with the most COMPLETE line-up that is available on the market to date. The formulation was developed based on hydroponic and soiless grows. Ahtough our products will perform in a soil grow as well.


Our 5 product line-up used following our feeding chart provides the plant with all of the nutrients needed throughout the complete growth cycle. There is no need for ‘add-in’ products when you use our 5 products. Compared to competitors product lines that require up to 23 products. Our line-up is the most complete nutrient package that will allow the plant to reach its FULL GENETIC POTENTIAL!

100% Nitrate Nitrogen

Cannabis Gold Premium is 100% Nitrate Nitrogen, the form of Nitrogen that goes directly to the roots of the plant in any medium being used.


Nitrate is a form of Nitrogen that is vital to the healthy growth and development of plants. It is directly responsible for producing chlorophyll and amino acids, and is vital to the process of photosynthesis.

Nitrate Nitrogen0%

Plant tissue is largely made up of nitrogen, meaning that growth would halt fast in the event of a deficiency.


Other types of nitrogen like Urea are insoluble and require breaking down before they can be used properly, never getting to the plant for vital growth. Ammoniacal Nitrogen is a form of ammonia, a toxic pollutant often found in landfills, and in waste products such as sewage. Causing root burn and unhealthy, slow growing plants.

Water Soluble

100% delivery of nitrogen

Cannabis Gold Premium is water soluble, making it an ideal product for 100% delivery of nitrogen to the plants. There is no point at which the cannabis plant should be without nitrogen during its growth cycle.


Many people might suggest that you eliminate nitrogen during the flowering stage, but that is not the case. While you should not have as much nitrogen during the flowering stage, you should still maintain enough nitrogen for the plant to manufacture vital amino acids.


This essentially allows the cannabis plant to store enough nitrogen until the end of the flowering stage. Bloom fertilizers tend to have more phosphorus and potassium than they do nitrogen, but it is common for the plant to exhibit a nitrogen deficiency during the mid-to-late flowering period. This can cause plants to lose leaves and reduce yields.

no salt out

superior product

We are so confident that our product is superior, Cannabis Gold Premium was specifically bottled in a clear jug so consumers can see that we have no settlement or SALT OUT as other products on the market do, which is basically leaving the vital nutrients in the bottom of the jug.


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